One of the goals at Aggressively Organic is to help small family farms by providing a sustainable year-round growing system that allows them to fill the gaps in their income. We do this by giving them the chance to participate in the year round high demand farm-to-table produce market.

Most folks in the grocery store have no idea how much risk farmers shoulder to provide the world with its’ food, and they surely don’t know how much pressure family farms are facing today. I signed up for foodtank a few weeks ago. They sent me a cool t-shirt that says “Farmers are my heroes”. It is so true.

The Family Farm Is In Jeopardy

According to the USDA, there are approximately 1.2 million family farms in the US. 72% of family farms generate less than $50,000 a year in gross revenue from farm operations. In addition, the cost of farming isn’t cheap – have you priced a new tractor lately! The average family farm in the US loses almost $1,000 a year from farming operations, and most family farmers have to supplement their income with non-farm work.

The challenges farmers face are monumental – limited growing seasons, extreme weather conditions, limited selection of crops to grow, and massive operation costs. By the way, did you know that the average age of the principal operator on a family farm is 60 years old? Where are all of the young, new generation farmers going to come from?

A recent report from the UN indicated that family farms produce over 80% of the food supply for the world.

Clearly, family farms are absolutely critical to ensuring and maintaining our ever growing demand for food. Yet, these farms are currently in a fragile state.

Right now, farmers and ranchers in Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota are suffering through a 100-year “flash drought” event. Ranchers are bringing their livestock to auction early because they can’t feed them. Farmers are harvesting what little crops they have before it all dies. They may not be able to plant their winter crops.

Growers in California are still trying to recover from their recent drought, and look anxiously into the future in anticipation of the next event. This season, farmers in the Midwest had to replant their fields two or three times due to heavy rains and flooding. Many of them have nothing growing in their fields at all. They are guaranteed to lose money. These are examples from here in the US, but these problems affect family farms around the globe.

Regardless of these challenges, most of these farmers will keep working their fields in order to make sure we are all still fed.

Solving This “Wicked” Problem

How can we strengthen the outlook of the family farm?

What can be done to stabilize their financial situation and actually make it profitable to be a family farm?

Well, here at Aggressively Organic (AO), we have been working diligently to answer these questions. We have been using strategic design focused, applied systems thinking to come up with tangible, practical, and affordable solutions. We have been conducting sustainable agtech and biotech research. We have been designing and developing applications and products that will help family farms to be more stable, productive, and profitable.

AO Systems will allow family farms to grow crops year round, regardless of where they are located. AO Partner farmers will be able to tap into the vast knowledge base of our team and other Partner farmers, helping them to identify what crops to grow, when to grow them, and how to make a profit growing them.

AO Systems are not dependent on the weather. Drought, floods, heat, or cold weather will have no impact on the ability of our AO Partner farms to keep growing their crops. AO Partner farms will be growing food that is pesticide and herbicide free, non-GMO, and even better than organic.

We are going to show family farmers how they can transform their farm from a cost center to a profit center, increase production, and help to end food insecurity. AO Systems make the cost of adoption affordable and scalable. There will not be a need to install costly equipment or incur expensive utility bills on electricity and water. The AO Systems, using the patent pending Partlow Method, are going to transform the way family farms operate, while also providing the world with healthier, better, more affordable, and locally grown food.

Let’s Get Started, Partner!

We are so excited to start working with all of you to help make your family farm more profitable. If you are ready to find out more about how you can become an AO Partner farm, contact me at [email protected] or call me toll-free at 855-4HUMANS (486-2671) extension 109.

We look forward to partnering with you soon, because y’all truly are our heroes!