Aggressively Organic aims to send 50,000 Micro Growth Systems™ to the U.S. Territory

Earlier this week we announced via social media that we’re raising funds via a rewards crowdfunding campaign on Humanity Project to ship 50,000 Aggressively Organic Micro Growth Systems™ to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

We’re setting out to raise $500,000 on Humanity Project  to manufacture, create, and deliver our patent pending Aggressively Organic Micro Dendritic Pods™ to Puerto Rico so that individuals, agencies, and relief groups can use these self-contained personal hydroponic systems to start growing phytonutrient rich food immediately upon arrival. Vegetables and herbs grown in Aggressively Organic Micro Growth Systems™ would be available for harvest as soon as 30-60 days without building out any additional electrical, water, or other resources.

There’s an incentive for those who donate, too. When a donor purchases some systems for a family in Puerto Rico, we at Aggressively Organic will send the same amount of systems to the donor so they can grow their own food at home as well.

As soon as we receive $500,000 for 50,000 systems, we will will allocate all of our efforts, energy and capacity to fulfill on the promise of providing short, mid and long-term relief to Puerto Rico and the citizens there. We cannot currently fund this production, but can provide our revolutionary farming technology at $10.00 a system rather than their retail pricing of $20.00. All the end user would need to provide would be enough water (24- 32 oz) every 30-90 days and sunshine or lighting.

To learn more and support our mission to send our Micro Growth Systems™ to Puerto Rico visit: https://humanityproject.com/projects/aggressively-organic-relief-for-puerto-rico/