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This is our Aggressively Organic Micro Dendritic Pod™ (Patent Pending) or simply an “AO Micro Pod™”
It grows food, flowers, houseplants and even trees (larger version) using a growth medium, water and nutrient solution using a Patent Pending Method and Process.
It does this without all the complexity or expense of hydroponic systems or the mess, bugs or risk that comes with dirt.
There are No Pumps, No Filters – nothing to fail.
Our micro dendritic pods™ allow you to eat from a still growing plant and get all the nutrition you’re missing when you buy any produce harvested more than 24 hours prior – like grocery store produce.
Did you know that Lettuce loses 90% of it’s nutrition within 24 hours of being harvested?
Imagine having what you want to eat always available and being able to Harvest When Hungry™ while getting the most nutrition and the most amazing flavors.
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We are a movement.

The Aggressively Organic Mission: End Food Insecurity in Our Lifetime.

We Will Do This By designing, developing, and delivering weapons of mass creation™ in the form of sustainable, accessible, and easy to use agricultural systems that can be used by anyone, anytime regardless of space or experience.  

Using the ‘Aggressively Organic Micro Global Strategic Design™ we are giving the power and control of the food supply back to We The People.

If you are human and you eat, wherever you live, big city or small town, small apartment, dorm room or large estate you can grow your own organic food.

Our AO Micro Pods™ were designed for all experience levels from master gardener to absolutely no experience at all.

So many people don’t know they can grow their own food, and they certainly haven’t been given a way to do so… Until now!

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