Best Woods for Planter Box

5 Best Woods for Planter Box: Building for a Sustainable Garden

Are you in search of the ideal wood for your planter box? I completely understand your quest, having also invested numerous hours into researching and testing different kinds of wood to find the most suitable option for environmentally-friendly gardening.

In this article, I’d love to share with you five standout choices that have proven their worth in crafting durable, budget-friendly, and eco-conscious planter boxes. So, are you ready for an environmentally friendly approach to creating your garden oasis?

Why Choose Wood for Planter Boxes?

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Wood offers multiple benefits when used to construct planter boxes. Firstly, certain types such as cedar and redwood are naturally resistant to rot and pests due to their organic compounds. This trait enhances the longevity of your raised garden beds. Secondly, wood offers an aesthetic appeal that blends beautifully with your garden’s natural environment.

Moreover, the sustainability factor is another key reason for choosing wood for planter boxes. Woods like pine, Douglas fir, cypress, and black locust are readily available and renewable resources, making them a big win for environmental enthusiasts. And unlike pressure-treated woods that often contain harmful chemicals that could potentially leach into the soil, untreated options guarantee safety for both plants and humans alike.

Lastly, the ease of customization makes wooden planters a preferred choice. They can easily be crafted into any desired size or shape by a local carpenter, or even yourself with simple tools from the hardware store. This gives you the freedom to design your vegetable gardens or flower beds precisely to your vision.

Top 5 Best Woods for Elevated Garden Solutions

Quick Recommendation:

  1. Sustainable and durable walnut plywood for DIY planter boxes: xTool Selected Walnut Plywood 6pcs, 1/8" Plywood Sheets A/B... 
  2. Protect your clothes with sustainable and aromatic Cedar Blocks: Cedar Space Cedar Blocks for Closet Storage,100% Aromatic... 
  3. Durable and versatile plywood sheets for sustainable garden projects: Artificer Pine Plywood Sheets, 14x14 Inch 3 Pack 7 mm Thick... 
  4. Versatile, natural wood for creative DIY projects: Onlytak Multifunction onlytak Multifunction Unfinished Wood, Wood for Crafts,... 
  5. Authentic weathered wood to elevate your sustainable garden: Rustic Weathered Reclaimed Wood Planks for DIY Crafts,... 

Comparison Table:

Product NameMaterialItem WeightProduct Dimensions
xTool Selected Walnut Plywood 6pcs, 1/8' Plywood Sheets A/B...
xTool Selected Walnut Plywood
Walnut Wood2.55 pounds12.68 x 12.64 x 1.26 inchesCheck Current Price
Cedar Space Cedar Blocks for Closet Storage,100% Aromatic...
Cedar Space Cedar Blocks
8.8 ounces4.06 x 1.65 x 0.24 inchesCheck Current Price
Artificer Pine Plywood Sheets, 14x14 Inch 3 Pack 7 mm Thick...
Artificer Pine Plywood Sheets
Pine Plywood Wood2.9 Pounds14 x 14 x 0.28 inchesCheck Current Price
onlytak Multifunction Unfinished Wood, Wood for Crafts,...
Onlytak Multifunction Unfinished Wood
Paulownia wood11.3 ounces16.5 x 5.9 x 0.59 inchesCheck Current Price
Rustic Weathered Reclaimed Wood Planks for DIY Crafts,...
Rustic Weathered Reclaimed Wood
Wood3.24 pounds12 x 3.5 x 0.25 inchesCheck Current Price

The Review

1. xTool Selected Walnut Plywood

xTool Selected Walnut Plywood 6pcs, 1/8" Plywood Sheets A/B...
  • Premium Quality & Fine Processing: 11.8" x11.8" (30cm x 30cm) Walnut wood craft board in 1/8" (3mm) is made of natural wood with smooth and sturdy surfaces, carefully selected way of cutting preserves...
  • Strong & Durable Plywood: Pack of 6 walnut veneer sheets offer exceptional durability, rigidity, and stability to meet your craft wood board requirements for different kinds of unfinished wood crafts;...
  • Environmentally Friendly Materials: Made of natural walnut, the unfinished wood has no harsh chemical smell but the natural wood smell, no worry about the plywood board emitting any pungent smell gas...
  • Wide Compatibility for DIYers: Due to the features of plywood, sanding too much may hurt the surface color, please have a small test before actual use. The wood boards for crafts are ideal for...
  • Professional Service & Choice: xTool Selected provides multiple materials that are sourced, prepared, and lab-tested for ideal engraving & cutting. xTool Selected materials are terrific partners of...

The xTool Selected Walnut Plywood is my top recommendation when it comes to sustainable and durable wood for DIY planter boxes. This pack of six walnut veneer sheets offers exceptional durability, rigidity, and stability, making them perfect for crafting planter boxes that can withstand a variety of weather conditions.

Further, this plywood’s versatility makes for an impressive feature. Whether you’re laser cutting for precision or painting for aesthetics, you’ll find this plywood compatible with multiple craft methods. As a vital note, these materials are eco-friendly—sourced from natural walnut without any harsh chemical smells, ensuring safety during crafting.


  • Six square-shaped walnut plywood pieces
  • High-quality natural walnut wood
  • Rated highly by customers with a 4.4 out of 5-star rating
  • Manufactured by Makeblock Co., Ltd.
  • Lightweight at only 2.55 pounds


  • Professional quality materials for engraving and cutting
  • Wide compatibility with laser cutters, scroll saws, and craft knives
  • Odor-free and environmentally friendly
  • Durable and sturdy plywood sheets for various crafts


  • Limited availability of additional species in comparison to other brands
  • Risks of warping or deformation due to changes in temperature and humidity
  • Sanding the plywood might affect the surface color

The xTool Selected Walnut Plywood Sheets are ideal for DIY enthusiasts who love creating crafts using natural materials. With its high-quality and environmentally friendly attributes, this product is a must-have for those looking to build durable, sustainable garden experiences.

2. Cedar Space Cedar Blocks

Cedar Space Cedar Blocks for Closet Storage,100% Aromatic...
  • CLOSET STORAGE: Cedar Blocks for Clothes Storage - 100% Aromatic Red Cedar Wood Blocks for Closet Storage,red cedar wood storage accessories. Used for closet storage to protect your valuable...
  • FRESH FRAGRANCE: The fresh cedar scent is long lasting. If the smell of cedar blocks is weakened, just lightly sand the cedar blocks, the fragrance will be restored. The surface of the cedar blocks is...
  • EASY TO USE: Cedar Blocks are placed in drawers, storage bags, cabinets, lockers, shoes, cars, shoes or anywhere in your home! Different quantities can meet different needs. Cedar wood contains a very...
  • HAND-POLISHE: 100% Aromatic red cedar is harvested from renewable forests. It grows quickly and is a reliable and sustainable resource. The cedar blocks has excellent hand polished performance and a...
  • The original smell of cedar wood is light and long lasting. You may only smell a little bit, but when you put it under your nose, you will feel the unique and charming fragrance of cedar. This will...

Made from 100% aromatic red cedar sustainably harvested from renewable forests, the Cedar Space Cedar Blocks stand out as versatile, functional, and eco-friendly.


  • Sixteen cedar blocks in tablet form
  • Refreshing cedar scent
  • Helps protect clothes from moths and pests in the closet
  • Compact size of 4.06 x 1.65 x 0.24 inches
  • Highly rated with over 10,000 customer reviews


  • Long-lasting and refreshing cedar scent
  • Hand-polished for a smooth finish that won’t scratch delicate clothing
  • Easy to use and can be placed anywhere in your home for effective storage
  • Made from sustainable cedar wood resources


  • May require regular sanding to maintain the fragrance
  • Limited quantity of blocks in the pack (16)
  • Not suitable for all types of clothing; may cause staining or damage

The Cedar Space Cedar Blocks aids in protecting your clothes while providing a sustainable solution for your gardening needs. These blocks are ideal for eco-conscious individuals looking to maintain a fresh and organized closet.

3. Artificer Pine Plywood Sheets

Artificer Pine Plywood Sheets, 14x14 Inch 3 Pack 7 mm Thick...
  • 3 Pack Upgraded 9/32 inch - 7 mm (+/- 0.5mm) Thick Wood Squares:14x14 inch blank unfinished wood pieces,the thicker thickness,the less prone to warp and crack,made of quality pine plywood,ideal for...
  • High Quality Control:factory direct supply,all items well selected. Each tile clean cut and in uniform size and quality.
  • Advantages:light weight,easy to hang on wall.sturdy and durable enough for a wood burner tool.easy to take stain and paint.flat and smooth face,do not need pre-sand.
  • DIY Crafting: decoupage, painting, varnishing, staining, writing, coasters making, home decoration, wood burning crafts, wooden letter tiles for wall decor crafts, handmade wedding ornaments tags and...
  • Well Designed:90° straight corners so they can be joined together without a gap.

Artificer Pine Plywood Sheets stand as a versatile and durable choice for sustainable garden projects, allowing you to take your craft and DIY abilities to new heights.


  • Pine plywood sheets in a convenient 14×14 inch size
  • Made from high-quality pine plywood wood
  • Versatile shape options include letters, squares, and letter shapes
  • Each sheet is lightweight at 2.9 pounds


  • Real wood with unique natural texture
  • Versatile for a variety of crafts and DIY projects
  • Sturdy and durable for long-lasting use
  • Easy to preserve and prevent deformation


  • Limited color options
  • May require additional sanding or sealing for a smoother finish
  • Some customers may prefer a finished product rather than unfinished wood

The Artificer Pine Plywood Sheets are perfect for those seeking a high-quality wood product that lets them instill their personality in their DIY creations.

4. Onlytak Multifunction Unfinished Wood

onlytak Multifunction Unfinished Wood, Wood for Crafts,...
  • MATERIALS: The craft wood are made of high-quality sturdy natural paulownia wood, light but solid, the surface is carbonized, not easy to deform, and easy to preserve, prevent lumber from popping and...
  • MULTIFUNCTION: Blank wood planks are solid and durable can print, paint, cut or drill. Print letters for welcome sign, bathroom sign, kitchen sign, framhouse sign. Mounted boards on the wall for...
  • SPECIFICATION: Natural paulownia wood, each wooden board is 16.5"L x 5.9"W x 0.59"H, 250-320g, carbonized black, Package included 3 wooden boards.
  • NATURAL TEXTURE: Every wood blocks is real wood not artificial or MDF, the texture of each piece of wood is unique, look comfortable and nice.
  • CONTACT US: If you have any question about our items, please contact us by message, we are glad to help you solve the problem.

The Onlytak Multifunction Unfinished Wood set adds a unique charm and an authentic touch to your garden. Made from natural paulownia wood featuring a carbonized black finish, this set will enrich your eco-space with its rustic charm.


  • Multifunctional unfinished wood set
  • High-quality Paulownia wood
  • Includes three rectangular pieces
  • Lightweight and easy to handle, weighing only 11.3 ounces
  • Versatile for various arts, crafts, and sewing projects


  • Unique and one-of-a-kind weathered wood pieces
  • Suitable for smaller DIY projects and crafts
  • Adds an authentic rustic touch to any project or decor
  • Made from 100% naturally weathered reclaimed wood


  • Limited color options (only available in carbonized black)
  • May require additional sanding or sealing for a smooth finish
  • Not suitable for all types of clothing; may cause staining or damage

The Onlytak Multifunction Unfinished Wood pieces are perfect for the environmentally conscious individual who loves DIY projects.

5. Rustic Weathered Reclaimed Wood

Rustic Weathered Reclaimed Wood Planks for DIY Crafts,...
  • Just like our thicker boards, but these have been planed down to 1/4" thick so they can be used for smaller projects
  • 100% authentic naturally weathered rustic wood that will make your projects look amazing
  • Do you love barn wood? You want real weathered wood? This is it! The real deal!
  • Each box contains 20 planks that are approximately 3.5"x12" and 1/4" thick perfect for smaller DIY projects or crafts that need lighter wood
  • Each piece is unique and has earned its character and patina over decades of being in the elements - this kind of wood you can't buy in the stores.

The Rustic Weathered Reclaimed Wood planks are perfect for anyone seeking authenticity and a rustic aesthetic in their garden. Functionally, they’re robust with a unique weathered look making them a perfect fit for sustainable garden projects.


  • Made from rustic weathered reclaimed wood for a unique and authentic look
  • Rectangular shape with dimensions of 12 x 3.5 x 0.25 inches
  • Weighs only 3.24 pounds, making it easy to handle
  • Highly rated with 998 customer reviews averaging at 4.5 out of 5 stars


  • Unique and one-of-a-kind pieces
  • Thick and sturdy for long-lasting use
  • Adds an authentic rustic touch to any decor or project
  • Made from 100% reclaimed wood


  • Limited quantity available, may not be enough for larger projects
  • Can be more expensive compared to new wood options
  • May have imperfections or knots that can affect the appearance

Rustic Weathered Reclaimed Wood planks are available on Amazon for $39.99. They’re perfect for bringing your garden vision to life with their antique character and lasting durability.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Wood

Choosing the right wood for your planter boxes takes time and involves considering various aspects. Before making a decision, evaluate the wood’s climate and weather resistance, durability and longevity, aesthetic appeal, and sustainability.

Climate and Weather Conditions

The weather where you live directly affects your planter box’s longevity and performance. Surviving diverse weather extremities, types of wood like cedar or redwood are excellent choices thanks to their naturally rot-resistant properties.

Durability and Longevity

The durability and longevity offered by different types of woods are critical considerations for your raised garden beds. Opt for long-lasting types like cedar or redwood to make your garden beds stand up to all weather conditions.

Aesthetic Appeal and Customization Options

The aesthetic appeal and customization opportunities offered by different types of woods should also be considered, especially for gardens serving a decorative purpose.

Sustainability and Availability

The sustainability of the wood for your planter box is a key consideration, especially if you’re an environmental enthusiast. Opt for readily available resources like pine, Douglas fir, cypress, and black locust, which also happen to be good for the environment.

Considering all these factors will help you choose the ideal wood for your eco-garden.


In conclusion, the best wood for crafting a planter box is one that balances environmental sustainability, durability, aesthetic appeal, and functionality. Choices such as the xTool Selected Walnut Plywood and Cedar Space Cedar Blocks demonstrate how this balance is achievable. Proper construction techniques and maintenance tips will also help in creating a garden space that lasts for years.


What is the best wood for planter boxes?

Rot-resistant options like cedar, white oak, and pressure-treated lumber are suitable choices for planter boxes due to their durability and longevity.

How can I prevent my planter box from rotting?

Using rot-resistant wood like western red cedar or pressure-treated pine can improve the longevity of your planter box. Moreover, the proper drainage at the bottom of your planter box can also be beneficial.

Are there any benefits to using FSC certified lumber in my garden?

Yes, FSC certified lumber ensures that your building materials come from sustainably managed forests, which is a great choice for sustainable garden design.

Is composite wood suitable for a raised garden bed?

While composite wood is water-resistant and durable, it is often not recommended due to concerns about chemicals that may leach into the soil and affect plant health.

Does all pressure-treated lumber contain harmful preservatives?

Not necessarily! While some pressure-treated lumber uses chemical preservatives, many types use natural oils which offer resistance against pests and are safer for food gardening.

Can I use railroad ties when building raised beds?

It is generally advised not to use railroad ties in vegetable gardening because they can contain creosote – a toxic material that is generally unsuitable for food gardens.

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