Step Two: How to Prepare Coco Coir for Germination

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As mentioned before, set all your items aside except for the coco coir and seeds.
Your coco coir, a coconut waste byproduct, will be your plant’s home for the next few weeks and months. You’ll notice these sustainable coco coir discs are wrapped in biodegradable paper.
Now, onto the first step…
First, soak your coco coir discs in a germination station (this can be tupperware, a plastic carryout box, or germination tray) in some filtered/distilled water and wait for them to expand completely. For trays, we recommend anything that is shallow and with a light moisture covering. The coco coir disks will soak up about 2 ounces of water!
Then, take expanded discs out of the water, and squeeze them at the bottom so that they will fit inside the net cup. Try to make the bottom much skinnier than the top. We’ve asked you to put your net cups aside for now, but if you want to check to make sure you’re squeezing them enough, try to fit the expanded coco coir into into a net cup to make sure it can fill the entire pod. If you do test it, simply grab the paper from the disc to take it back out of the net cup.
It’s much better to massage and work the discs now rather than later. This allows for great air and water circulation as well as help the germination rate of your plants.
Place the molded coco coir discs back into your germination tray… Our next step is to start planting!