Step Three: Something to Know About Slow Growing Seeds

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Before we start planting, we wanted to use arugula as an example of how all your seeds won’t always have the same germination rate… even if they’re the same plant from the same parent!
But, there is a great advantage to this, because the different growth rates allow you to have continuity with harvesting. What we mean by that is that while you’re harvesting, you’ll be able to eat off the ones that are faster to germinate while the slower plants will come up for you to eat when the early ones are growing back. In that way, you’ll have a continuous supply of fresh vegetables and herbs!
For example, these particular arugula were all planted at the same time. You can obviously see the difference.

Some of them are ready to be placed in systems, but some germinated a week later. We bring this up because arugula isn’t as consistent as other plants like lettuce.