Step Four: How to Plant Seeds in Coir

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In this example, we will plant arugula. In the video above, Jonathan uses his favorite weapon of mass creation: a flat toothpick. You can also use a coffee stirrer, chopstick, or tweezers to create a small hole at the top of your expanded and molded coco coir discs to make room for seeds.
Jonathan takes the flat end of a toothpick, gets it wet, and pours some seeds into his hand. He uses the wet toothpick to extract the seeds. With arugula, they’re very tiny seeds so plant 5-6 seeds. To learn how many seeds we suggest for our different varieties, watch the next video.
Using your weapon of mass creation, wipe the seeds on the surface of depression in the center of the coco coir and then cover them up with a light amount of coir.