Step Five: How Many Seeds Do I Put in My Coir?

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– Arugula
We shot a video specifically for arugula, if you haven’t seen that video, put 5 seeds in the coir for arugula.
Arugula is notorious for germinating at different rates, and especially since we didn’t use GMO seeds and wild, organic arugula you won’t get the same kind of predictability as a lettuce that we expect to germinate in 2-10 days.
– Mint
Plant 5-6 seeds, as they are similar to arugula.
– Gourmet Mesclun Mix
More than 1-2 seeds, up to 5-6 would be great. This is truly a cut-and-come-again lettuce, meaning you cut them once and they will continue to grow. Keep in mind, the more seeds you plant, the more water it will drink.
– Bok Choy
Plant 1 seed. If it doesn’t germinate in a couple of days, plant another in the same coir.
– Amethyst Basil
We’ve tested 1 seed and 4 seeds, had success with both but recommend 3-4 seeds for a fuller plant.
– Redbor Kale
Plant 1 seed, they grow quite quickly and their leaves grow wide.
– Concept Lettuce
1-2 seeds
– Outrageous Lettuce
1-2 seeds
– Marvel of Four Seasons Lettuce
1-2 seeds
– Galactic Lettuce
1-2 seeds