Step Six: What to Use to Germinate Your Seeds

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This is a follow up to the instructions on How To Prepare Coco Coir For Germination.
For a germination tray, you’ll want a container that is taller than the coco coir. Tupperware or a carry-out container with a clear lid is great! Place your coco coir on the lid of the container with some water underneath it and put the clear part upside down on top of that to create a miniature greenhouse.
Make sure your coco coir isn’t in your net cups yet– this will dry out the coco coir.
Cover the tray with the clear side up to keep the humidity in and place under natural sunlight or a fluorescent bulb until the seeds pop. You’ll want to keep your seeds in this germination station for at least 10-14 days.
After the first day of germination, lightly mist the tops of the coco coir with filtered water and cover back up.
Once you start to see the seeds pop and you see that they all have 2 leaves, remove the lid. You can remove the lid after the majority have germinated BUT if you keep it on and prop it up (or, even take off for part of day and put it back on) that helps. Continue to let the seeds sprout until you start to see some roots come out through the coco coir, as well as multiple leaves hugging the top of the coco coir. Then you’re ready to set up your system!