Step Seven: How You Know Your Plant is Ready for the System

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After the 10-14 days have passed and you see leaves hugging the coco coir and some fuzzy roots out of the bottom of the coco coir, you’re ready to get your system ready! You can put them in early (around 12 days), but it’s always better to wait longer.
How to assemble your system
Enclose the system by bringing the two main flaps together and insert the tab on the side of the system into the slit on the side of the system.
Next, take the bottom lid with no writing on it and fold it over. When you do that, pull the small tab at the bottom and leave it to the side. Then slide the bottom lid with writing on it into the small tab.
Take the tab on the top and bend it over so it will support the first lid on the top.
Take your plastic liner and insert it through the hole to fill the system. It helps to fold it in, take your fingers and then push it inside. The liner should go to the edge.
Close the top lid and insert the tab into the top slit.