Step Nine: How to Put Your Plants into Your AO System

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You’ve already assembled your system and you’ve mixed your nutrient solution.
You’ll need your net cups and your germinated plants. You should be able to see the roots coming out through the coir.
Before you put the plants into the system, you’ll need to add the nutrient solution mix into your system. Place your net cup into the system so you can see the middle line where you’ll fill it up to.
Look down into the system as you pour (we recommend using a funnel or a watering can so you don’t get a lot of splash) and fill it up to the center line on the net cup.
Take your net cup out of the system, and lightly squeeze the germinated plant so it fits snuggly inside of the cup. Make sure the plant sits below the halfway mark of the net cup and hits the bottom of the netcup. Flatten the coco coir at the top of the netcup to give it a more stable base.
Where we can err is not filling up up the nutrient solution high enough to the centerline of the net cup or if they don’t have a solid root base.
Then, put your system under a light and you’re ready to grow!