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What is the Fastest Growing Tomato Plant: Discover Top Tomato Varieties

If you are a tomato enthusiast eager to experience the allure of a fresh-picked taste, you might be curious about the quickest growing tomato varieties. The prolonged anticipation for ripe tomatoes can often feel unending. Picture the excitement as the bright reds, stunning oranges, and soothing yellows emerge in your verdant retreat sooner than anticipated!

This post will reveal some fast-growing tomato varieties that promise a speedy yield. We’ll also provide tips on cultivating these early-maturing tomato varieties to ensure you don’t lose out on their delightful flavors due to shorter growing seasons. Did you know fast-track varieties like ‘Sub Arctic Plenty’ can offer ripe tomatoes in as meager as 45 days?

So, are you ready to delve into the captivating world of these rapid-fire red powerhouses? Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Differences between determinate and indeterminate tomatoes lie in their growth patterns. Determinate plants halt their growth after reaching their maximum size, while indeterminate ones continue growing throughout the season.
  • Short-season regions can successfully cultivate fast-maturing tomatoes with indeterminate varieties proving exceptionally useful as they continue to fruit until the frost hits.
  • Some of the fastest-growing tomato varieties include Early Girl, Sub Arctic Plenty, Bloody Butcher, Sun Gold, Orange Roma, Juliet, Golden Sweet, and Tigerella. They are celebrated for their speedy maturity and abundant yield.
  • For accelerated growth of tomato plants, consider starting seeds indoors before transplanting, using raised beds for improved drainage and warmer soil temperatures, placing seedlings at a south-facing spot to maximize sunlight, and guaranteeing regular watering and suitable nutrition.

Understanding Tomato Growth

Tomato growth greatly depends on factors, including the plant’s variety, whether it is determinate or indeterminate, and the duration of the growing season in their region.

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Determinate vs Indeterminate tomatoes

With determinate tomatoes, once the plant hits its maximum size, it stops growing, and all of its fruit matures simultaneously. After that, it finishes its annual cycle.

In contrast, indeterminate tomatoes keep expanding and bearing new fruit until the frost concludes the season.

Short Season vs Long Season Growing Regions

A short season indicates a brief period of warm weather, while a long season has extended warm months. This greatly affects tomato growth.

It’s a common misconception that short-season regions can’t grow sizeable, juicy tomatoes. Various types of tomatoes are designed to grow quickly in cooler spots. Indeterminate plants are particularly beneficial as they continue producing through the summer until frost hits.

Long-season regions offer more versatility, with both indeterminate and determinate plants producing ample tomatoes from early summer right through to autumn.

Regardless of the region, make sure your tomatoes get appropriate support! This not only keeps the plant upright but allows the sun to reach every part of it, which is crucial for growth.

What is the Fastest Growing Tomato Plant Varieties

Vibrant garden with tomato plants

When deciding upon fast-growing tomato varieties, gardeners have several choices. These varieties possess a unique ability to mature quickly, maximizing yields within minimal time.

Here are some of the fastest-growing tomato varieties for your future garden:

1. Early Girl: As the moniker suggests, Early Girl tomatoes are among the earliest to mature, starting to yield ripe tomatoes within just 50 to 60 days post-transplanting. They are perfect for those looking to relish homegrown tomatoes as early as feasible in the season.

2. Sub Arctic Plenty: A product of regions with cooler temperatures and shorter summers, Sub Arctic Plenty gives fruit as soon as 45 days after planting, as the name implies.

3. Bloody Butcher: If you seek a heirloom variety that produces quickly, then Bloody Butcher might be your best bet. This indeterminate heirloom tomato variety commences fruiting early in the season.

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4. Sun Gold: This popular cherry tomato variety is celebrated for its sweet taste and speedy growth. Often fruiting in as minimum as 45 days, Sun Gold tomatoes let you enjoy delicious homegrown tomatoes sooner rather than later. The bright color and irresistible flavor make this variety a favorite among gardeners.

5. Orange Roma: Renowned for its vibrant coloration and swift maturation, Orange Roma is known as one of the fastest-growing tomato varieties. These tomatoes offer a high yield throughout the growing season. They are ideal for short-season growers desiring quick relief from their gardening endeavors.

6. Juliet: These fast-growing, short-season plum tomatoes are recognized for their quick growth and take around 60-70 days to harvest. Juliet tomatoes boast crack-resistant fruits and excellent flavor, making them great for pasta dishes.

7. Golden Sweet: Fast to grow and abundant in delicious fruit, Golden Sweet tomatoes are renowned for their speedy growth. From the time of transplant, the harvest-ready time is about 55 days for these vibrant yellow, oval-shaped cherry tomatoes.

8. Tigerella: Known for their distinctive look, a bright red base with orange stripes, and tangy flavor, Tigerella tomatoes are equally quick-growing and delightful to behold. A perfect fit for short-season growers, these get you a flavorful and abundant harvest quickly.

Tips for Growing Fast-Maturing Tomatoes

To make sure your tomato plants grow and mature quickly, adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Starting seeds indoors early: Begins with germinating your tomato seeds indoors a few weeks before the last frost date. This lets them establish robust root systems and ensures they’re ready for outdoor planting once favorable weather is favorable.
  • Growing in raised beds: Raised beds promise better drainage and warmer soil temperatures, accelerating your tomato plant’s growth. They also guard against pests and diseases.
  • Planting seedlings in a south-facing location: Tomatoes require plentiful sunlight to prosper. Opt for a sunny spot offering at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight daily. Soil-facing areas typically provide the maximum sun exposure.
  • Providing adequate water and nutrients: Tomato plants need steady moisture for growth. Hence, ensure regular watering, particularly during dry or hot summer days. Likewise, nutrients are essential for plant growth, so supplement with fertilizers as necessary.

After discovering the secrets to a bountiful harvest with our fastest-growing tomato varieties, find out how far apart should tomatoes be planted to maximize your yield.

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From the numerous fast-growing tomato varieties to choose from, whether you have a short growing season or simply wish to relish fresh tomatoes at the earliest, these varieties have got you covered.

Just remember to start your seeds indoors, plant them in a sunny spot, and leverage raised beds to optimize growth. If tended to properly, you’ll enjoy mouth-watering homegrown tomatoes in no time! Now, get ready for a bountiful harvest ahead!


What is the fastest-growing tomato plant I can grow in my garden?

Determinate tomatoes like Bush Early Girl and Early Doll or indeterminate tomatoes such as Black Prince and Sub Arctic Plenty are among the fastest growers.

Can a short-season tomato produce tomatoes early in the season? 

Yes, Early Wonder and 4th of July are known to ripen early and are excellent options for regions with a shorter growing season.

Which fast-growing variety works well for patio gardening? 

Tomato Patio Choice and Tumbler Tomato plants are specially adapted for confined spaces, such as pots on your patio or balcony.

Is there any cherry type among the fastest-growing tomatoes? 

Black Cherry, Juliet, or Mini San Marzano fall under fast-growing cherry tomato varieties.

What is the main difference between determinate and indeterminate varieties? 

Determinate varieties like Roma Tomatoes stop growing once they set fruit. In contrast, Indeterminate ones, including Grape Tomatoes, continue growing until cold weather sets in, leading to a prolonged harvesting season!

How can I enjoy my high yield of green tomatoes at the end of the season? 

Ripen them indoors or incorporate them into various recipes! Enjoy pasta sauces made from green Roma Tomatoes, or make homemade marinara with unripe Black Cherries for a unique taste.

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